Leverage Idempotent, Declarative Profiles with the NSX-ALB (Avi) REST API

Idempotence and Declarative Methods — not just buzzwords


Declarative Methods

# Recursively converge application profiles def converge_app_profile(app_profile_dict): # First, grab a copy of the existing application profile before_app_profile = json.loads( cogitation_interface.namshub( "get_app_profile", namshub_variables={"id": app_profile_dict["uuid"]} ) ) # Fastest and cheapest compare operation first if not app_profile_dict["profile"] == before_app_profile: # Build a deep difference of the two dictionaries, removing attributes that are not part of the profile, but the API generates diff_app_profile = deepdiff.DeepDiff( before_app_profile, app_profile_dict["profile"], exclude_paths=[ "root['uuid']", "root['url']", "root['uuid']", "root['_last_modified']", "root['tenant_ref']", ], ) # If there are differences, try to fix them at least 3 times if len(diff_app_profile) > 0 and app_profile_dict["retries"] < 3: print("Difference between dictionaries found: " + str(diff_app_profile)) print( "Converging " + app_profile_dict["profile"]["name"] + " attempt # " + str(app_profile_dict["retries"] + 1) ) # Increment retry counter app_profile_dict["retries"] += 1 # Then perform Update verb on profile cogitation_interface.namshub( "update_app_profile", namshub_payload=app_profile_dict["profile"], namshub_variables={"id": app_profile_dict["uuid"]}, ) # Perform recursion converge_app_profile(app_profile_dict) else: return before_app_profile



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I am a network engineer based out of Alaska, pursuing various methods of achieving SRE/NRE