As developers, we need to store persistent data for a variety of reasons:

  • We’re sick of storing variables in code. This matters a lot more in compiled languages than runtime ones
  • We want the results to end…

With the previous post, I covered traditional data center networking, and some of the reliability compromises made to accommodate typical workloads. Here I’ll be outlining my take as a series of blog posts on the next iteration of data center network design, Spine and Leaf:
Lab Diagram

Note: This page may change based on content. I’m going to try and keep things generic up until the very end.

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Now that we have:

  • A method to apply configurations automatically, without PuTTY Copy-Pasting

We now can achieve Infrastructure As Code, where we can take…

Get into the OS Shell (all elements)

Controller Log Locations

Note: Everything in /var/lib/avi/logs is managed by Elasticsearch. I wouldn't mess with it.

Events published to the GUI: /var/lib/avi/logs/ALL-EVENTS/

The primary log directory for Avi Vantage Controllers is /opt/avi/log. As this feeds into Elasticsearch, they have file outputs for every severity level. …


Before beginning the Avi installer, I configured the following in my environment:

  • Data Segments (NSX-T Overlay). Avi will build direct routes to IPs in this network for vIP processing. …

Load Balancing is Important

Load balancing is an important aspect of network mobility.

How is a network useful if you can’t move around within it?

  • Wi-Fi networks are designed to facilitate smaller-scale movements. …

If Avi Vantage IPAM cannot allocate an address for a new vIP, it will advertise an all-zeros host address —

This will cause Palo Alto PAN-OS to restart a peer — even if it is not the immediate downstream prefix. …

NSX-T Edge nodes have a rudimentary packet capture tool built in to the box. It is important to have a built-in tool here, as GENEVE encapsulation will wrap just about everything coming out of a transport node.

NSX-T’s CLI guide indicates the method for packet captures — from here we…

When doing ADC/Load Balancer work, nearly all requests fit into two categories:

  • Please change the host header for this reverse proxy

These are fairly simple to implement in NGINX, so I’m creating a couple of cheat-sheet code snippets here.

“Strip Part of the URL Out”

URI stripping is fairly common…

Infrastructure reliability is a pretty prickly subject for the community — we as engineers and designers tend to anthropomorphize, attach, and associate personal convictions with what we maintain. …

Nick Schmidt

I am a network engineer based out of Alaska, pursuing various methods of achieving SRE/NRE

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