GitOps, a term coined in 2017, describes the practice of performing infrastructure operations from a Git repository. In this practice, we easily develop the ability to re-deploy any broken infrastructure (like application managers), but that doesn’t really help infrastructure engineers.

From the perspective of an Infrastructure Engineer, Git has a…

Idempotence and Declarative Methods — not just buzzwords


Coined by Benjamin Peirce, this term indicates that a mathematical operation will produce a consistent result, even with repetition.

Idempotence is much more complicated subject in mathematics and computer science. IT and DevOps use a simplified version of this concept, commonly leveraging flow logic instead of Masters-level Algebra.

Typically, an…

The Jetstreams

Cloud operators now provide two completely different classes of service to customers:

  • Self-Service, VMs, Operating System Templates
  • Generally mature, some private cloud operators are smoothing out CMPs or such, but work as intended from a customer perspective
  • Bringup is automated
  • Operating System level configuration is usually automated
  • Application-level configuration is…

Nick Schmidt

I am a network engineer based out of Alaska, pursuing various methods of achieving SRE/NRE

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